We are happy to direct people to the appropriate resource provider to fit their needs. There are many no cost and low cost providers that are supported by your tax dollars. Because you are already paying for them via your taxes, they may be the first stop on your road to entrepreneurial success. The people who work in these agencies are generally well qualified and experienced. We may have connection to just the agency you need but first, stop by our links page here.

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Finding the funds for your business can be a difficult task. Even if you easily qualify, you generally need a business plan and completion of a loan package or investment proposal. The consultants at Elite Elders not only are fully capable of assisting you in the development of these items but also we find the appropriate funding partner and product that suits your needs. Our funding partners provide many types of funding including traditional bank loans, SBA loan products, factoring, micro-loans and some investment opportunities. We also assist not for profits in guiding them to funders, and write grants for not for profits in the economic development and small business development field. To complete the funding questionnaire, please click here.


Entering into business is tough when you go at it alone. Trusted guidance is difficult to come by. With over 25 years in small business and consulting experience, the consulting team at Elite Elders not only has deep experience, but the breadth of experience to meet your needs. More importantly, if we lack the experience or the connections in our network to be of benefit to you, we will not take on your business. Please contact us if you see a potential fit.

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